Electric Tow Tractors 5Tons


TT-50 Model Tugger Lift Truck 5 Tons
TT-50 Model Tugger Lift Truck Drawings


  • Manned, self-propelled
  • Quiet, high-quality, non-polluting
  • The entire vehicle paint
  • Safe and durable
  • Radius of gyration is small, easy to operate
  • Towing capacity, the ground can drag five tons of the car
  • 3 tons of uphill can drag car
  • Seat is optional, can be installed
Item 5Tons (5000kg)
travel speed Empty 7.1km/HR
Loaded 4.5Km/HR
Gradeability Empty 9%
Loaded 17%
Weight of Truck With Battery 6.0km/H
Without Battery 5.0km/H
Drive Wheel (Front) Dimension φ205x70mm
Material PU
Load Wheel (Rear) Dimension φ212x70mm
Material vulcollan
Battery & Motors
Battery Capacity At 5 Hours Discharge 180AH/24V
Drive Motor Power 30A/24V
Motor Power 1.5kw/24v
Speed Control Principle-Number of Steps
(3 speed is optional, electronic mostet stepless is standard.)
Reeietence-3 (option)
Streering & Brake
Steering System Steering Arm
Steering Arc. Total 185 degree
Steering System Type Electromegnetic epring preeeure
Steering Arc. Total Actuated Part Drive wheel
Traveling Brake Type Electromegnetic epring preeeure
Parking Brake Actuated Part Drive wheel