Electric Pallet Truck 2Tons

PPT-20LC (can stand on the intermediate type)

Electric Pallet Truck 2Tons (can stand on the intermediate type)


  • Product Name: Order Picker Truck (Load: 2 Tons, 4400LB) (Center Drive Vertion)
  • The driver operated in the center of truck, safety and convenience.
  • Forks are the same as PPT forks used for open and closed pallets.
  • The driver could stand on the top of the truck body and pick up second or third floor goods on the racking.

Picker's platform lift up to 900mm by electric hydraulic motor pump.

Item PPT-20/25
Rated Capacity 2000/2500kg
Load Center 600mm
Max. Lifting Speed Empty 2.5sec
Loaded 3.5sec
Max. Lowering Speed Empty 4.0sec
Loaded 2.0sec
Travel Speed Empty 6.0km/h
Loaded 5.0km/h
Gradeability Empty 17%
Loaded 9%
Weight of Truck
Service Weight With Battery 688kg
Without Battery 465kg
Fork Wheels Dunebsuib φ83x75mm
Quantity (R/L) 2/2
Materail vulcollan
Castor Wheels Dimension φ140x60mm
Quantity (R/L) 1/1
Material vulcollan
Drive Wheel Dimension φ212x70mm
Material rubber
Movement Up 15mm
Movement Down 30mm
Battery and Motors
Battery Capacity at 5 Hours 180AH/24V
Max. Charging Current 30A/24V
Drive Motor Power 1.0kw/24v
Lift Motor Power 2.0kw/24v
Speed control principle-number of steps
(3 speed is optional, electronic mostet stepless is standard)
Reeietence-3 (option)
Streeing System Steering arm
Steering Arc. Total 185 degree
Travelling Brtake Type Electromagnetic spring
Actuated Part Drive wheel
Parking Brake Type Electromagnetic spring
Actuated Part Drive wheel
Model(PPT) Tons 20/25
Item mm
Overall Fork Width (W1) W1 580
Each Fork Width 175
Fork Inner Width (W2) W2 230
Fork Length L 1150
Max. Fork Height 200
Min. Fork Height 83
Front End Length 60
Overall Height 1400
Overall Width 800
Turning Radius R2 1585
R1 1645
R 2025
Length of Body (L1) 655
(L2) 720
(L3) 1095
Distance of Fork Wheels (M) 200