AC DPL Series Vertical Lift

AC DPL Series Vertical Lift
DPL Series Vertical Lift


  • Vertical Lift Comply With ANSI A92.3-1990 Standard & Safety Requirement
  • Parallel dual-mast (we called it as gemini type) design that enhances the stability and increase the maximum working height up to 13 meter or 39 feet. Low platform entry allows easy step in & out. Ac powered hydraulic lifting unit gives most reliable performance. Handy control switch on the platform allows single person operations.
Cat. No. DPL-50 DPL-65 DPL-80 DPL-95 DPL-110 DPL-130
Max. Platform Height 5,000mm 6,500mm 8,000mm 9,500mm 11,000mm 13,000mm
Max. Working Height 7,000mm 8,500mm 10,000mm 11,500mm 13,000mm 15,000mm
Max. Load 160kg 130kg
Ext. Width (D) 1,550 mm 1,650mm 1,900 mm 2,285mm
Ext. Length (E) 1,650 mm 1,850mm 2,150 mm 2,600mm
Stowed Length (L) 1,200mm 1,300mm 1,390mm
Stowed Width (W) 760mm
Stowed Height (H) 2,000mm 2,080mm
Platform (A x B) 660 x 600mm
Rail Height (C) 1,000mm
Platform Entry (F) 500mm
Power Source AC 110/220V, 50/60Hz, Equipped With A Power Cable (15M)
Weight (App.) 360kg 410kg 460kg 520kg 570kg 620kg