Semi-Powered Order Picker Stac


Semi-Powered Order Picker Stac
Semi-Powered Order Picker Stacker


  • Quiet, clean, high quality.
  • The picker can pick the goods at 4.5 meter high.
  • Picking height 5.0 and 5.5 meter are optional.
  • Charger of 110v/12v-12a (build-in) is optional.
  • The up/down switch is built in the side rail. It is very easy to handle.
  • Light weight stacker. It is very easy operated and very durable quality.
  • 2 pieces of foot parking brakes.
Model SPOP-02
Load Capacity 200kg
Service Weight 308kg
Overall Length 1360mm
Overall Width 700mm
Min. Mast Height 1910mm
Max. Height 3900mm
Max. Lifting Height 2700mm
Min. Stand Height 460mm
Loading Stand Height 250mm
Platforn Overall Length 970mm
Loading Stand Length 600mm
Loading Stand Length 600mm
Rear Wheel Φ180x50mm
Front Wheel Φ180x50mm
Hand Rail Height 970mm
Lifting Speed 10-14M/MIN
Lowering Speed 6-9M/MIN
Lifting Motor 1.5KW/12V
Battery 135AH/12V
Charger (220v/110v)(1Phase) 12V-12A