Simple Type Warehouse Cage

Simple Type Warehouse Cage
Simple Type Warehouse Cage Simple Type Warehouse Cage  Supplier

Note. F: Foldable Handle D: Double Pantograph


  • 1. Warehouse Management Rationalization
    Unified specification, fixed capacity, storage at a glance, easy-to-stock, inventory, and a small amount of discharge of accessing a single layered material, to avoid rummaging through the trouble.
  • 2. To Save Space
    Use of forklifts, lifts, cranes, can be stacked four high, resulting in three-dimensional effect of storage when not in use fold stacking, only 20% of the original volume.
  • 3. Unitary Operation
    With forklifts, cranes, trolleys, lifts, hydraulic pallet truck or other transport equipment to use, since the raw materials entering the start, whether through the process several times to complete the product stored in the warehouse, and finally sent to the customer´s hands may apply application of this container, which can effectively reduce the damage during transportation and labor costs and save a lot of freight.
  • 4 . Easy To Use
    The special design of the folding container, operation simple, safe, start folding and lightweight, space, application range, long life.
  • 5. Durable
    The structure of solid container, spot welding system using strong steel bars from the bottom to the U-groove weld reinforcement iron, with a special tripod, so the job more safely and quickly, do the factory sector, one of the most powerful money-making apparatus.