Unloaded Material Platform


Unloaded Material Platform


  • Design a direct overlap in the container, the container for convergence without constantly adjust height, easy operation of the logistics
  • Platform or container used for the adjustment of gap between high and low, easy entry and exit stacker containers, stacked and side items
  • We have obtained material handling
  • Use with trucks or cargo equipment
  • Prevent foreign matter into the security agencies
  • Corresponds to a variety of highly
  • When lowered to the ground without ground is poor, with access for a bus
  • Supporting automated warehouse operations
  • Customers can correspond to the specifications and production patterns

Customizable production-related (disabled or vehicle repair platform) or other applications

Model Platform Size Load Capacity Horsepower
mm kg Hp / Kw
ELA-18 1818 x 2424 11000 1
ELA-19 1970 x 2424 11000 1
ELA-21 2121 x 2424 11000 1