Hand Pallet Truck


Hand Pallet Truck
Hand Pallet Truck (2tons/2.5tons/3tons) Hand Pallet Truck


  • Load 2000kg or 3000kg, lifting lightweight, high hydraulic cylinders, durable non-oil
  • High texture paint the entire vehicle.
  • The use of one piece fork, durable without bending, the tough ductile iron wheel frame, axis of rotation at a self-lubricating effect, high-quality PU wheel fork, so that the body starting resistance is small, light and quiet to walk, injury floor, double wheel design is more suitable for high load and uneven pavement.
  • Hydraulic system features a unique circuit and structure, so that hydraulic pump even more robust, and durable. While the fixed seal design, can be completely closed to prevent leakage and to achieve the effect, coupled with specific buffer design, the user can freely control the degree of decline.
  • Safe operation of a simple lever eliminating the trouble of training, this manual has a rose design, positioning, decreased function device.
Item Standard Option
Fork Height Lowered (H1) 85mm 76mm
Lifted (H2) 200mm 190mm
Fork Wheels φ82mmx70mm φ76mmx93mm
No. ot Fork Wheels 2pcsx2 1pcx2
Steer Wheels φ180mmx50mm φ180mmx50mm
Wheel Material Steel Covered By Poly-Urethane Steel Covered By Nylon
Service Weight 95kg
Fork Thickness 45mm
Model Overall Width (A) Fork Length (L) Lnner Width (B)
HPT-NS 520mm 910mm 200mm
HPT-NM 520mm 1070mm 200mm
HPT-WM 685mm 1070mm 365mm
HPT-WL 685mm 1220mm 365mm