Battery Maintenance Fluid

Battery Maintenance Fluid


What is battery sulfation?

  • Battery on each charge and discharge process, will produce the so-called battery sulfation
  • 80% of lead-acid batteries, because of the sulfuric acid production, which led to reduced battery capacity
  • Lead sulfate is hard granular crystals, insulation and prevents the absorption of battery
  • Lead sulfate particles scattered in a small battery, the battery self-discharge resulting
  • Lead sulfate will precipitate at the bottom of each battery, accumulate brown precipitate, likely to cause short-circuit the battery

Formed sulfated battery problems

  • High price - the use of large forklift battery, single costs about U.S. $ 700 to U.S. $ 6000
  • Shorter lead-acid battery life
  • If the battery recharge time to time, will increase energy consumption and machine idle time
  • Batteries will cause the negative impact ring Jing
  • Batteries will make the destruction of the natural environment
Battery Maintenance Fluid

Effectiveness of battery maintenance fluid

  • 100% removal of dissolved lead sulfate crystals.
  • Reduce the accumulation of brown precipitate, and transformed into an insulator.
  • Electrolyte can be dispersed in small particles, from the conductor into an insulator, reducing the battery self-discharge.
  • Stereotype of active substances to enhance adhesive force; battery on charge and discharge, the stereotype of the active substances will increase to 60%, the effect of this adhesive force can cause the battery to use more long-term.
  • Release of reactive oxygen species, and modified to enhance the structure of crystals, so that a more softening and granular. This modification process can be avoided in the future generation of lead sulfate crystals.

Battery maintenance fluid benefits & results

  • For the new lead-acid batteries, can extend its useful life to 80% -100%
  • Effective the old battery to 20% to 70%
  • Reduced by 40% to 80% of the cost of spending, and increase battery life
  • Reduce the number of charge cycles, the relative reduction of 60% -75% of energy consumption
  • Increase battery operating time and reduce idle time 75% of the battery

Battery maintenance fluid Conclusion

  • Regular use, and increase battery life
  • Battery maintenance fluid is a liquid product, in the battery into the battery every six months to add one within
  • Extend battery life to charge 80-100% & 10-15 times, increase or maintain high-capacity battery status
  • Has been used for 3-4 years, any original battery (For best results, you can start at the beginning of the battery within 6 months with the added battery maintenance solution)