Manual Standard Oil Tank Rotating Stacker

MOTR-03/1400 (300kg)

Manual Standard Oil Tank Rotating Stacker


  • Hydraulic system uses a unique circuit and structure, so that hydraulic pump even more robust and durable.
  • While the fixed seal design, can be completely closed to prevent leakage and to achieve the effect, coupled with specific buffer design , users can freely control the rate of decline.
Manual Standard Oil Tank Rotating Stacker

Oil drum Handling Tool
Manual-Type / Semi-Electric Type / Electric Type

General equipment are following 50 gallons drums "drum" as the design standard, so if your normal flow of 50 gallons of non-barrel drum, such as all kinds of plastic barrels. Other capacity drum, drum on the cover, the special shape of barrels, it is recommended to provide a sample barrel, so the designer will be designed to fit under the barrel of the fixture, turn only when safe. Can share all kinds of variety of bucket? The answer is not feasible, because the drums and plastic barrels in varying degrees of arc, when forced to share the oil will make the flip clip does not clamp tight and loose, at present only 50 gallon drums and plastic barrels sharing model, no other design.

flip forklifts drums oil tube flip stacker
Load 3000kg
Rose High Degree Of 1400mm
Radius Of Gyration 1250mm
Front And Rear Dimensions 180 x 50mm
Body Weight 195kg
Clear Height Of The Mast 1980mm
The Total Body Width 1200mm
Body Length 940mm
Drum Specifications 580mm x H890mm (standard barrel)
Maximum Height Of Drums 2350mm
Drums go to 45 degrees, the maximum height of the bottom ground 1370mm
Load Center 770mm
Center Above Ground Fixture 440mm
At The End Of Leg Length 770mm